Peter Gliwa. Embedded Software Timing: Methodology, Analysis and Practical Tips with a Focus on Automotive. Springer 2021

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.Without correct timing, there is no safe and reliable embedded software. This book shows how to consider timing early in the development process for embedded systems, how to solve acute timing problems, how to perform timing optimization, and how to address the aspect of timing verification.
The book is organized in twelve chapters. The first three cover various basics of microprocessor technologies and the operating systems used therein. The next four chapters cover timing problems both in theory and practice, covering also various timing analysis techniques as well as special issues like multi- and many-core timing. Chapter 8 deals with aspects of timing optimization, followed by chapter 9 that highlights various methodological issues of the actual development process. Chapter 10 presents timing analysis in AUTOSAR in detail, while chapter 11 focuses on safety aspects and timing verification. Finally, chapter 12 provides an outlook on upcoming and future developments in software timing.