Hands-On Quantum Information Processing with Python: Get up and running with information processing and computing based on quantum mechanics using Python 2021

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.Explore the potential of quantum information processing and understand the state of a quantum system with this practical guide
Quantum computation is the study of a subclass of computers that exploits the laws of quantum mechanics to perform certain operations that are thought to be difficult to perform on a non-quantum computer.
Hands-On Quantum Information Processing with Python begins by taking you through the essentials of quantum information processing to help you explore its potential. Next, you'll become well-versed with the fundamental property of quantum entanglement and find out how to illustrate this using the teleportation protocol. As you advance, you'll discover how quantum circuits and algorithms such as Simon's algorithm, Grover's algorithm, and Shor's algorithm work, and get to grips with quantum cryptography by implementing important quantum key distribution (QKD) protocols in Python. You will also learn how to implement non-local games such as the CHSH game and the GHZ game by using Python. Finally, you'll cover key quantum machine learning algorithms, and these implementations will give you full rein to really play with and fully understand more complicated ideas.
By the end of this quantum computing book, you will have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of quantum information.
What you will learn

  • Discover how quantum circuits and quantum algorithms work
  • Familiarize yourself with non-local games and learn how to implement them
  • Get to grips with various quantum computing models
  • Implement quantum cryptographic protocols such as BB84 and B92 in Python
  • Explore entanglement and teleportation in quantum systems
  • Find out how to measure and apply operations to qubits
  • Delve into quantum computing with the continuous-variable quantum state
  • Get acquainted with essential quantum machine learning algorithms